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English-Chinese Dictionary of Agriculture (英汉农业大词典). 2013.

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  • balance — the amount of money remaining in an account. The total of your money in the bank after accounting for all transactions (deposits and withdrawals) is called a balance . Glossary of Business Terms A division of a Securities Account, of a type… …   Financial and business terms

  • trial balance — a list of all balances in the ledger at a given time. Glossary of Business Terms * * * trial balance trial balance ➔ balance1 * * * trial balance UK US noun [C, usually singular] (ABBREVIATION t.b.) ACCOUNTING ► in double entry bookkeeping, the… …   Financial and business terms

  • Trial (Sport) — Trial (PKW) Trial (LKW) Trial Wettkämpfe oder Trials …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Trial balance — Tri al bal ance (Bookkeeping) The testing of a ledger to discover whether the debits and credits balance, by finding whether the sum of the personal credits increased by the difference between the debit and credit sums in the merchandise and… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • trial balance — n. a statement of the debit and credit balances of all open accounts in a double entry bookkeeping ledger to test their equality …   English World dictionary

  • Trial balance — In accounting, the trial balance is a worksheet listing the balance at a certain date, of each ledger account in two columns, namely debit and credit. Under the double entry system, in any transaction the total of any debits must equal the total… …   Wikipedia

  • Trial Balance — A bookkeeping worksheet in which the balances of all ledgers are compiled into debit and credit columns. A company prepares a trial balance periodically, usually at the end of every reporting period. The general purpose of producing a trial… …   Investment dictionary

  • trial balance — TB A listing of all *accounts in a *general ledger. Under the conventions of *double entry bookkeeping, transactions are recorded through corresponding *debit and *credit entries of equal value. A trial balance is a means of establishing the… …   Auditor's dictionary

  • trial — A judicial examination and determination of issues between parties to action, whether they be issues of law or of fact, before a court that has jurisdiction. Tittsworth v. Chaffin, Mo.App., 741 S.W.2d 314, 317. A judicial examination, in… …   Black's law dictionary

  • balance — I n. 1) to strike a balance between 2) to keep; recover one s balance 3) to lose one s balance 4) to disturb, upset the balance; to throw smt. off balance 5) a delicate balance 6) (bookkeeping) a trial balance 7) a bank; credit; debit; foreign… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • trial balance — A listing of the balances on all the accounts of an organization, with debit balances in one column and credit balances in the other. If the rules of double entry book keeping have been accurately applied, the totals of each column should be the… …   Accounting dictionary

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